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Ep 16: The complete showing process

The showing process is one of the most important components of managing a properly correctly. The quality of tenant that you are able to attract directly affects how well the home will be treated, and how profitable your investment will be in the long run. Listen in as Connor and Jamie discuss Swalm Property Management’s complete showing process.

Ep 15: Pros and Cons of Government Subsidized Housing

In this episode Jamie and Connor discuss the pros and cons of using Government Subsidized Housing. Why a landlord may want to consider Government Subsidized Housing and the how to avoid the potential pitfalls when using Government Subsidized Housing.

Ep 14: 5 Common Mistakes New Landlords Make

Owning and Renting a property can be quite challenging especially for first time landlords. While mistakes are a part of every venture, there are some that can be avoided by learning lessons from others who have already done what you intend to do. When managing a property, an oversight might yield low-quality tenants, cause loss of revenue, or even lead to legal problems. These things can end up being a valuable learning experience for first-time landlords but it comes at a great cost. So please join us today as we discuss the 5 common mistakes new landlords make and how to avoid them.

Ep 13: Why Some Tenants Don’t Renew Their Lease

As a property management company, our goal is to find the right tenant for an owner. A good tenant is someone who pays on time and takes care of the property. Ideally, this is the kind of tenant that an owner would want to stay at a property long term as this would mean a steady cash flow and a well-maintained home for an owner. There are factors that would make a tenant decide if they want to renew once their lease is up. The rent, maintenance issues, and overall condition of the home are just some factors that could affect a tenant’s decision to renew the lease. Please join us as we discuss some of the reasons why tenants do not renew their lease.

Ep 12: When to Deduct from a Security Deposit

Security deposits are collected to help pay for any extensive damages caused by a tenant while they inhabited a property. Sometimes it is very clear what damages can be deducted from a security deposit, but in some cases it might not be as clear. Not deducting the correct damages from the security deposit could leave the owner paying a significant amount to get the home back in rent ready shape, but deducting the wrong things from the security deposit could bring about a costly legal dispute. Please join us today as we discuss the purposes of a security deposit and how we make sure that any deductions we make are well within the legal boundaries.

Ep 11: The Importance of Inspections

As property managers, we are here to help owners increase and maintain the value of a rental property through skillful management. Aside from selecting the right tenant, collecting the rent on time, and addressing any maintenance issues, we also must know the exact condition of the property. Inspections are a crucial part of any property manager’s job, because they allow the property manager to personally check on the condition of a property and it makes them aware of any maintenance issues that need to be resolved. Please join us in today’s podcast as we discuss the importance of making timely inspections of a rental property.

Ep 10: The Real Cost of Not Performing Preventative Maintenance

A well maintained home means less headache for the tenant, owner, and the landlord. There is nothing better than knowing that everything inside a home functions perfectly. This makes for a satisfied tenant and a happy owner. Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent unnecessarily large maintenance costs whenever an issue arises. Please join us as we discuss the importance of preventative maintenance in a rental property and how performing preventative maintenance is always in the owner’s best interest.

Ep 9: Selecting a Tenant

Every landlord would like to have a tenant who is easy to communicate with, pays the rent on time, and takes care of the property. The single, most important job that a landlord has is to put the right tenant in the property. Swalm Property Management ensures that the owner’s investment is protected by carefully and diligently screening every tenant that applies for any one of our properties. Please join us as we share our best practices when selecting a tenant for a property.

Ep. 8: The Cost of a New Tenant

The goal of every landlord is to have a high quality tenant and every tenant in turn would like to have a positive experience from showing to move in. It is important for every owner, landlord, and tenant to know the costs associated with new tenancy and the steps that are taken before, during, and after moving a new tenant into a property. Please join us as we discuss the rental process from making the home rent ready up to moving the tenant in to the property.

Ep 7: What Rental property Should you buy

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, there are always a few details that you need to consider before buying an investment property. Such as: What type of property would net the most cash flow? Which property would cost less to maintain? Which property will be easier to manage on my own? These are just a few of the questions that would need to be answered before making a purchase. Listen in as we discuss the types of properties that you can buy and the pros and cons of either decision.

Ep: 6 Dealing with a Squatter

Whenever you manage a property you will always have to deal with the occasional vacancy. With a vacant property, comes the possibility that someone will notice the property is unoccupied  and “squat” in the property. Squatters come in all shapes and sizes, but all squatters are a threat to the stability of the property and …

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Ep 5 – Moving a Tenant Out of a Property

Moving a tenant out of a property can be a smooth process, but if it’s not done right it could expose the homeowner and the landlord to unnecessary liability. A professional tenant will be able to take advantage of any hole in your move out process, so listen in to Connor and Jamie describe our 5 step process to be sure you reduce your exposure to liability as much as possible.

Ep 3: Preparing for Court

In this podcast Connor and Jamie talk about the most important steps to take leading up to court after filing for eviction. Getting a problem tenant swiftly evicted from a property is one of the most important responsibilities of a landlord. Being prepared for court could mean the difference between months of lost time and thousands in lost revenue, and that is why it always pays to be prepared. Listen in to get tips on how best to be prepared.

Ep 2: Filing for Eviction

Incorrectly Filing for an Eviction is the most costly thing a landlord can do. Not only is the problem tenant stilling living in the home, but also the owner must continue to pay for the mortgage and utilities while not collecting rent. On the other hand, filing for an eviction correctly can get the problem …

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Ep 1: Sending 5 and 7 day letters

In this podcast Connor and Jamie talk about the most important steps to take when sending a 5 or 7 day letter. Sending a 5 or 7 day letter is an important first step in any eviction process, so making sure your 5 or 7 day letter includes only what is absolutely necessary is crucial.